This area covers general administrative tasks that can be completed within PremiumBreed.

Downloading a backup of your data

The export function is currently only available for Administrators.

You can export your data in two steps:
- Membership information
- Animal registration information

Exporting Membership information

- Click on 'Reporting' in the sidebar under 'Admin Tools'
- Go to the 'Membership Lists' tab
- Click on Full membership list by state
- Save the file to your local computer

Exporting Animal registration information

- Click on 'Reporting' in the sidebar under 'Admin Tools'
- Go to the 'Data Export' tab
- Click on 'Animal Export'
- This may take a while, there is a lot of data!
- Save the file to your local computer

User Accounts

Access Levels and User Groups

Access Levels

Access levels define which user accounts you can modify. Effectively, you can only modify accounts with access levels lower than your own. This means that if you upgrade another user account to have the same access level as yourself, you will no longer be able to modify their account.

Access levels do not affect what parts of the system you can use

User Groups

User groups define what areas of PremiumBreed you can use. The main user groups are:

  1. Member: Basic permissions that your Association has approved
  2. Committee: Added permissions that allow you to upload documents and access the document library
  3. Administrator: Full working access to the system, but not able to modify other Administrator accounts
  4. Super Administrator: This group allows the user to modify other Administrators' accounts
  5. Super User: This group is for internal PremiumBreed staff.

Changes to the Super Administrator group will need to be made by PremiumBreed staff. Request this via

You can manage user groups from the user details screen. As an administrator:

- Select 'User Accounts' from the side menu
- Edit (pencil icon) the user's account
- Go to the 'User Groups' list
- Remove unwanted groups by pressing the red x next to the group
- Add new groups using the dropdown selector underneath the 'User Groups' list

Creating user accounts

Creating User Accounts

Users can create their own accounts by clicking Need an account? on the main login screen.  These accounts wil automatically link up with your membership list by matching on the email address you already have in the system.

How can users create their own accounts?

Once a member has been added by an administrator
- They go to 'register an account'
- They will then need to put in their email address as it is in their membership record.

PremiumBreed will do the rest!

Troubleshooting Login Problems

When a member cannot log in to your system, be sure to get the exact message that they are seeing, and check here in the support guide for a specific solution.

Unable to see membership information after logging in

Most likely, the member's account is no longer connected to their login.  This can happen if there has been a merge, though the issue is not common.

To resolve this:

  • Log into your PremiumBreed system
  • From the Member dropdown, do a 'search' and find the member
  • Take a note of their ID number (not their member number)
  • From the sidebar, go to User Accounts
  • Find the member in the list
  • Edit their account
  • Go to the administration tab
  • Enter their ID
  • And save

This time, when they log in, they will automatically be shown their own details.

Change History / Audit Trail

PremiumBreed retains detailed logs of changes that occur to information in the database. Some information is directly available to users depending on the permissions granted to you by your Breed Society.

Requesting change history details

If you have a serious concern regarding the data in the system, the first port of call should be your registrar. They may have additional detail regarding why data was changed. If they are unable to help, they may follow up the issue with PremiumBreed support. PremiumBreed support can investigate detailed server logs to find the exact time, and user that adjusted the data.


PremiumBreed has a task system that allows administrators to communicate regarding work that needs to be completed.

Assigning tasks

Most tasks generated are automatically assigned to the Administrators group. If an Administrator generates the task, these tasks are automatically assigned to that user. Once the user has completed their work on the task, they can close the task, or re-assign it to another user for future action. This can be done by
  • Opening the task from your task list
  • Click on 'Reassign'
  • Select a user or group to assign the task to
This will then disappear from your queue, and appear in that user's queue.

Closing Tasks

Most tasks can be closed without any special intervention, however on occasion, a task may relate to a transfer or to a specific animal.

In this case, the task may block closure until the transfer or animal has been processed.  If this is the case, you will see the following message:

This task containts open items, these must be resolved before the task can be closed.

This means you will need to either:

  • finalise the transfer; or
  • clear or commit any animal updates from the holding table

Once this is complete, you will be able to close the task.

Payments and Invoicing

PremiumBreed allows the generation of invoices to any person within your database.  This can be used to track membership payments, animal registration fees, or sale registration fees.

Receiving payments

To receive a payment:

  • Find the appropriate invoice that has been issued
  • Click 'Receive Payment'
  • Select the payment type, common options are:
    • Account Credit (for when you are receiving no money, but are applying a credit to that person's payment)
    • Direct Credit (for electronic funds transfers)
    • Credit Card (for PremiumBreed online payments)
    • Cheque (for receiving cheque or money order payments)

Depending on the payment type, additional steps may apply

Credit Card

Credit Card payments are automatically taken as 'Paid' and reconciled.  No further action is neccessary.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit payments will need to be reconciled at a later stage from 'Reconcile Direct Deposits'.  This is so you can match what payments are being advised to what appears on your bank statement


Cheque payments will need to be deposited into your bank account.  PremiumBreed records each cheque received in a holding area, and then when the time comes to deposit them into your bank, you can go to 'Deposit Slips' and create a new deposit slip.

Searching through payments

To find specific payments made via PremiumBreed, or at least recorded in PremiumBreed, you can use the 'Payments In' screen.  This can be found via the 'Payments & Invoices' link.